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70% of the Indian population is lived in rural areas and Due to a lack of knowledge, information, and orientation in health, hygiene, and Nutrition, the grass-root level villagers cannot understand the need for immunization, the importance of growth monitoring, the technique of low-cost nutritious food preparation, different methods of birth control, spacing between two children, importance using sanitary or pit type latrine, preparation of safe drinking water, maintenance of personal hygiene and disposal of waste products from the home and practices to maintain good health. In fact, sound health deteriorates herewith the increase of superstition and wrong methods of treatment. The quacks are not trained. They depend on limited indigenous knowledge. Due to this incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular problem increases rapidly in rural areas and is diagnosed in the last stage. Proper. Due to the unavailability of a proper monitoring system and in convinces to go to city hospitals they are also not able to follow proper care needed.  The diversity and multiplicity of the problem can be decreased with some comprehensive Initiatives in this matter. these centers will emerge as candidates for improving Health and Nutrition management in rural areas, including telemedicine programs, Web-based efforts, telephone helplines, and support delivered via community health workers. we will provide medicine, supplies, Screening, and treatment at low costs, starting with low-cost blood glucose testing to screen for diabetes and heart disease.

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