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About ISMN


International Society for Medical Food and Nutrition ( ISMN ) is filling the gap and connecting Agriculture to Nutrition and Nutrition to Medicine. We work directly related to human nutrition and health. Our key aim is to provide the latest information and research using the latest techniques and technologies from across the globe to conclusively answer the fundamental questions about the relationships between medical food, nutrition, and health. To achieve we collective join researchers in different areas – like food, Biological, Agriculture, nutrition, and Medical sciences to apply their expertise to nutritional questions. Furthermore, we are working closely with the industry to identify new interdisciplinary challenges and mechanisms by which we can facilitate innovation across the food sector. ISMN ensures that advances in our scientific understanding translate into benefits for society and the economy. 

Our Mission

pure and safe Nutrition for all 

Our Vision

Health and Happiness

Our Commitment

Provide the best information and experts

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