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Graduation Ceremony


Our highest level of membership is the Fellowship of the International Society of Medical Food and Nutrition (FISMN). Achieving FISMN is a renowned indicator of professional excellence on a global scale. We encourage Nutrition experts, Food Scientists, technologists, and doctors who want to join the ISMN's Fellowship community to apply since we are actively working to expand it.


  • Candidates for FISMN status should be established professionals (at least five years of professional experience in Food & Clinical Nutrition or related fields). 

  • Must Hold a Ph.D. or MD degree 

  • As evidenced by funding (up to two grants at the national or international level in the last five years) and/or publications (four in the previous five years total; peer-reviewed publication; oral or poster presentation at the national, regional, or international level).

  • mentoring and/or serving as a thesis adviser, as well as at least five years of teaching experience, including online learning, at the time of application.

  • Additional specialty-related contributions Additional specialty-related contributions 

How to Apply ?

Each year, from early October through December, the website will accept applications from ISN members who want to be considered for FISMN status.
Enter your application here online.
By the end of January, all candidates will be notified of the results of their applications.​

After selection, you need to pay USD 300 as a fellowship fee to Process the Application.

Award of Fellowship

Fellowship Will be Awarded At the convocation Ceremony  every year during our World Congress on Medical Food and Nutrition 


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