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  • ISMN Accredited Integrative Dietetics Certificate Course of Amway Team Nutrilite  Programme. A holistic and practical approach to the world of Nutrition. Integrating basic concepts of Ayurveda & Nutrition science.Batches Start- May/June 2022 


ISMN - Shudh Bharat Mision is The company shall establish Shudh Bharat Mission with ISMN's first Rapid Adulteration Testing Laboratory with free testing of agricultural food products. This initiative also encourages Shopkeepers to Adopt the Shudh Bharat Code of Ethics and provide the Best Quality Adulatration free Products.ISMN promotes an Ethical food lifestyle that focuses on simple, clean, and adulteration-free farm produces directly from farmers to the consumer's doorsteps.


ISMN Certify Center and Courses 

ISMN Accreditation body Certify and endorsed Advance Level Courses and Cto impart Quality Nutrition Education in collaboration with repute Institutions and Centers


ISMN Approved Product

The ISMN-FBRL lab evaluates and Tests consumer health care and food products to ensure that the claims made by manufacturers are clinically proven and not exaggerated. 
our accreditation program is about giving you an added level of assurance and confidence that the products you buy do what they claim to do.
our independent panel of internationally recognized food and medical experts study all the product claims carefully to ensure they are true and backed up by reliable scientific evidence.
. Accreditation allows us to provide people with information, protection, and education, in a ‘shorthand' form, delivered via recognition of the ISMN ‘approved' logo.

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