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1st Food Safety & Health Conclave

ISMN as per its objective of “Healthy and safe nutrition for all” is helping Doctors ,Nutritionist , Food Producers and Companies along with Nutraceutical Medical Food

nutrition through various research programmes, Health Clinics and Health events in the past years , On this World Food safety day Presents “ FOOD SAFETY AND HEALTH CONCLAVE” on 7 th June 2023 It will also address the food development chain, food supply chain, and its association with nutrition supply chain in the body and its associated challenges of food and Nutrition safety. By discussing how food safety strategies and approaches can be aligned across sectors and borders, we can strengthen efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals while also supporting the government of India's efforts & Programmes in this area. This Meeting of Amalgam of Scientists, Doctors ,Nutritionists ,Food Administrators and Officers will hopefully produce the new guidelines and directions for better Food safety : Nutrition Safety and Better health for Nation


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