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ISMN Nutrition for Health Summit 2023

you are invited to participate in the NFH & NHV Fest 2023. Here we intend to ensure pleasant, safe and inspiring atmosphere for discussing physiological as well as practical side of nutrition from the research of tools of nutrition to the final use of the processed nutrients and foods developed by the food industry for physiology and metabolism in health. This approach could be highly successful, if scientists of physiology, Biosciences, Biochemistry, academic agriculture, food industry, pharmacy, veterinary sciences and medicine work in collaboration. This event offers meeting point for participants coming from all over the world to meet old friends and make new friends. We will facilitate discussions with invited lectures demonstrating the cutting edge of the specific topics. We, the organizers are convinced that the combination of knowledge on healthy food, nutrition induced diseases and different treatment modalities will help in global health promotion and prevent problems like obesity, cardio-metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases by providing total health including mental and spiritual health, apart from social and physical health. We, personally cordially invite all of you to join us in the NHF-NHS 2023 meeting at Biotech Park, Lucknow.

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